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1120 Wien

GENERATORS: Development, production and installation of hydroelectric
and bulb-type generators, turbogenerators and steam turbine driven
generators, monitoring and diagnostics of generator units, uprating
and refurbishment of power plants

LARGE HYDRO: Turnkey construction of hydropower plants including:

  • Engineering, design, model testing, purchasing, manufacturing,
    assembly, project management, all mechanical and electrical
    equipment, online monitoring, and diagnosis systems
  • Protection, excitation, and synchronisation
  • Turbines
  • Digital speed governors
  • Shut-off valves
  • Generators
  • Control and automation
  • Site management, installation, commissioning, testing, training

COMPACT HYDRO: ANDRITZ HYDRO offers Compact Hydro plants
up to an unit output of 15 MW. Compact Hydro stands for ''Water to Wire''
solutions based on a pre-engineered design with modular components. This
concept with its short lead times leads to maximal customer benefit through
a single supplier who has already commissioned several hundred compact
installations around the globe. The Compact Hydro range includes water
turbines for the entire head range and full range of electrical equipment
(generators, excitation, protection, automation, SCADA, medium and high
voltage equipment, and transformers) as well as comprehensive service.

SERVICE & REHAB: ANDRITZ HYDRO provides turnkey solutions
in the field of Service & Rehab enhancing the long-term profitability and
value of existing hydro assets (including turbines, generators, control
systems, balance of plant).

  • Spare part management
  • Condition based maintenance technology
  • Online monitoring and diagnosis systems
  • Long-term operation & maintenance agreement

Our innovative services increase plant profitability and lower OM&M costs.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Trouble shooting / General overhaul
  • Maintenance contracts => Partnering
  • Upgrading / Modernization
  • Remote control / Plant automation

Generators - Design, production, and installation of:

  • Turbogenerators (frame sizes matching GE gas turbines) as well as
    steam turbines driven generators from 5 to 500 MVA
  • Online monitoring and diagnosis of generator units