Joanneum Research ForschungsgmbH
Leonhardstraße 59
8010 Graz

+43 (316) 876-0

CONTRACT RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT in following areas: electronics,
information technology with R & D emphasis on:

  • Communication technology and communication engineering: electronic data
    networks, satellite technology, remote sensing
  • Information technology: data acquisition systems, process computer systems
  • Measuring technology, automatic control and automation technology:
    processing technology, environmental measuring technology
  • Optical and chemical sensors and sensor interfaces, software development:
    industrial inspection systems, quality assurance, knowledge based systems,
    simulation systems, software for parallel computing
  • Energy technology: optimisation of biomass heating systems
  • Laser technology: welding, surface treatment and coating, especially with a
    new pulsed laser deposition process (very low process temperatures)
  • Nanotechnology: design of new optical, optoelectronic and photonic
    components focussed on organic materials and organic-inorganic systems.
  • Medical Systems: identification of substances in extremely low concentration
    in biological samples by NANO-HPLC-MS measurement. Long term
    measurement of the heart rate variability, the pulse-breath ratio and the
    synchronisation of heartbeat and breathing for various applications.
  • Quality assurance systems: based on acoustic sound recognition and
    analysation as well as image analysing