VISHAY Semiconductor (Austria) GmbH
Telefunkenstraße 5
4840 Vöcklabruck

+43 (7672) 724 51-0

Sales Austria & abroad:
Tel.: 0049 9287 71 2236, Fax: 0049 9287 71 2467

  • Diodes: small signal diodes, switching diodes, pin-diodes, tuning diodes,
    Z-diodes, standard rectifiers in SMD and sinterglas package, fast rectifiers
    in sinterglas package
  • H.F. and power transistors
  • Low and high voltage analogue switches
  • Capacitors: Aluminum, ceramic, film, Tantalum, heavy current power,
    MOS/MNOS chip capacitors
  • Connectors: custom, edgeboard, rack & panel connectors
  • Frequency control products: tuning fork & quartz crystals,
    clock oscillators, voltage control oscillators
  • Integrated modules
  • Magnetics products: inductors, transformers, EMI suppressors,
    military grade magnetics, custom magnetics
  • Measurement sensors: strain gages, displacement sensors, instruments,
    photoelastic equipment & materials: PhotoStress®
  • Power MOSFETs, small signal FETs
  • Optoelectronics products: photo detectors, IR receiving modules, IR emitting
    diodes, optocouplers (isolators), optical sensors, solid state relays, Infrared data
    communications components (IrDCs), LEDs, displays (7 segment displays,
    IR touch panels, plasma displays)
  • Power ICs: power conversion & management, motor control, bus interface
  • Resistor products: fixed linear networks, variable resistors, thermistors
  • RF Transistors for front-end applications ranging in operating frequencies
    from 1 MHz to 2.5 GHz