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Rho 700 - A new generation of modular UV flatbed printers
The Rho 700 UV flatbed printers from Durst represent a new generation
of modular, upgradeable flatbed printers which offer higher productivity
and even finer image quality. The outstanding performance and reliability
is the result of the precision of key components developed and produced
by Durst:

  • Advanced and perfected Quadro Array inkjet technology
  • A new concept for the print carriage with a magnetic linear drive system
  • More efficient workflow due the new Durst proprietary user software

Designed for high quality, industrial performance and able to be tailored
to specific business requirements, the Rho 700 provides the perfect solution
for screen printers, photo laboratories and digital printers.

Rho 1000 - Continuous inkjet production system
The new Rho 1000 is a continuous UV printer which can be integrated into
existing manufacturing processes. That makes it unique. Durst´s top model
guarantees an impressive maximum output of up to 600 boards per hour
(125 x 80 cm/4 x 2,6 ft.), without interruption, around the clock, while
ensuring optimum quality. The two decisive factors behind this achievement
are the further development of the revolutionaro Quadro Array printhead
technology and Durst´s efficient workflow configuration which can integrate
into existing manufacturing processes (screen and offset printing).

Benefits include:

  • Continuous board printing
  • Minimum set-up times (no “masking” required)
  • Optimum material flexibility (sheets, heavy boards, roll media)
  • Print orders for customers can be completed in one go using the widest
    range of media
  • The Rho 1000 can be loaded and unloaded using screen printing
    methods and systems
  • Outstanding reliability for 24/7 production

Fast cleaning combined with long cleaning and maintenance intervals,
together with reliable service and in-house technical training also help to
achieve the fast and cost-effective completion of print orders.