Jabil Circuit Austria GmbH
Gutheil-Schoder-Gasse 17
1230 Wien

+43 (1) 661 05-0

Sales Telephone: +43 1 661 05-3133

Competence in Mechatronic

Jabil Austria is a Mechatronic provider who offers design, manufacturing
and aftermarket service out of one hand. This we’re offering in the sectors
Automotive, Medical, Storage, Industrial and Business Automation.

Customer specific Solutions
We help bringing our customers products to the market faster using our
global Supply Chain, which we use for the customer specific requirements.
Jabil Austria offers comprehensive customer specific solutions.
As a One Stop Solution provider we have one interface with the customer,
and we organize with our competent project management the total package.
The goal is to reach highest customer satisfaction through excellence in
design, customer specific Supply Chain solutions and comprehensive
Manufacturing Services. With the knowledge of our employees we are
perfectly positioned to offer Best-in-class solutions for our customers.

At Jabil every customer has his own Business Unit which is 100%
responsible for him. The Business Unit has dedicated people and
resources, which have full responsibility for their customer. We offer
services from design (mechanical and electrical engineering, process
and technology development) over manufacturing (advanced module and
final assembly, Printed Circuit Board Assembly, system configuration and
test) to design and engineering of test and production processes as well
as PCBA prototyping, product industrialization, product transfers and
logistic services (Configure To Order, Direct Fulfillment, Supply Chain