Eaton Industries (Austria) GmbH
Scheydgasse 42
1215 Wien

+43 508 68-0 (Österreich u. Wien!: 0508 68-0)


  • Residual current devices (Earth leakage circuit breakers)
  • Miniature circuit breakers
  • Manual motor starters
  • Low voltage distribution cabinets
  • Standard distribution cabinets
  • Meter cabinets for power supply companies
  • Bus Technology EIB, Niko-Bus, Radio frequency systems
  • Wiring accessories


  • Loading coils
  • Connectors for telecommunication
  • Accessories for fibre optic cables, such as enclosures, boxes,
    19 ' panels, pigtails, patchcords, etc.
  • Measuring instruments for telecommunication cables
  • Surge protective devices for data and power supply lines
  • Planning and installation of fibre optic cable networks (LAN)


  • Low voltage switching systems for trade and industry
  • Special machines for automatic production and assembly
  • Busbar systems, 25 - 6,000 A
  • Project planning software for efficient project planning in power
    engineering and automation


  • Stored program controls, compact and modular design
  • Power converters
  • Frequency converters
  • Man-machine interfaces
  • Networks
  • Solutions for specific business lines
  • Counselling and implementation of complete projects including
    software and commissioning


  • Low voltage switchgear
  • Control equipment
  • Control transformers
  • Command and signalling devices
  • Power transformers up to 630 kVA
  • Air-core inductance coils for any field of application
  • Switching and protection: auxiliary contactors (up to 250 V/6-10 A) and
    power contactors, motor protection relays, main switches, 'emergency
    off' switches (emergency circuit breakers), power circuit breakers,
    manual motor starters, automatic devices
  • Commanding and signalling: command and signalling devices, rotary
    switches, limit switches, safety limit switches, proximity switches,
    pressure control devices, float switches