Seibersdorf Labor GmbH
2444 Seibersdorf

+43 5 05 50-2500

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT concerning radiation protection,
measurement and automation systems, electromagnetic compatibility
and radio frequency engineering

  • Highly sensitive measuring instruments for locating radioactive
    sources and contamination (portal monitors); border monitoring
    against nuclear smuggling
  • Robust radiation measurement technology for industrie, military,
    police and civil defense installations
  • Non-destructive density measurements of highly dense materials
    with high-energy gamma radiation
  • Mobile on-site measurement technology from air detection
    systems highly in situ detectors and mobile laboratories
  • Testing of measurement systems for detecting radioactive material
  • CE compliance testing, Automotive EMC-Tests, EMC-special Tests
  • accredited and notified EMC test centre
  • accredited calibration and test laboratory for antennas and probes
    for the measurement of electromagnetic compatibility
  • Evaluation and validation of absorber-lined chambers and EMC
    test sites
  • Development of precision measuring instruments